Finding the Wisdom Within with Mariam Safinia

LISTEN HERE to Episode Four – A Conversation with Mariam Safinia

Mariam Safinia

In this episode of Bringing wisdom to Life we explore a unique approach to living and learning that is quietly changing lives throughout the world with our guest Mariam Safinia. Mariam Safinia is a teacher, or tutor as they’re called, at the School of Practical Philosophy in San Francisco. Mariam is one of those rare individuals who embodies wisdom with humility, and has an extraordinary gift for revealing the indwelling wisdom that resides in each of us. A student of the original School of Practical philosophy in London, for more than 18 years, Mariam established a School in San Francisco, in 2004, which now offers courses throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. The school provides an effective and novel approach to the great questions of life: who am I? What am I doing here? The school shows that through seeing things clearly and applying simple principles students increase their awareness, become more confident, and discover more purpose and meaning in their lives.

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