Beyond Coping: Highly Sensitive & Highly Successful with Jenna Avery

LISTEN HERE to Episode FIVE – A Conversation with Jenna Avery

Jenna AveryIn this episode of Bringing Wisdom to Life we explore the world of the highly sensitive person, with Jenna Avery a life coach and gifted intuitive. Jenna helps us understand the challenges highly sensitive people face in work and relationship, as well as the unique gifts they bring to the world.

“One of the things about being highly sensitive is that we are very visionary, we can see how things can be better easily, we can see ways to make things more comfortable…we have this long view of the big picture. What I think the possibility is, as highly sensitive people become more and more empowered, is that we can start to model and show the way for a more sane life.” Jenna Avery

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