Zen and the Art of Time Management with Marc Lesser

Episode 17 – Zen and the Art of Time Management with Marc Lesser

ZBA Associates CEO/Founder Marc Lesser

There are obvious benefits to being active and engaged in life and work, but all too often we can lose balance and in the process create more stress and exhaustion in and around us thus detracting from anything we actually do accomplish.

But what if there were a way to accomplish more by actually doing less? My guest today, Zen teacher and business consultant, Marc Lesser, teaches this radical and time tested approach to living a more productive and meaningful life.

Marc Lesser is the founder and CEO of ZBA Associates, a management consulting, coaching and training company. He is a Zen teacher with an MBA, and author of the book Less: Accomplishing More By Doing Less.

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ZBA Associates
Accomplishing More By Doing Less
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Blossoming Hearts: Tulips as Teachers with Eva Ariela Lindberg

LISTEN HERE to Episode 8 – A Conversation with Tulip Love author Eva Ariela Lindberg

Eva Ariela Lindberg

In this episode of Bringing Wisdom to Life we bring you a conversation with Eva Ariela Lindberg, author of Tulip Love: A Healing Model for Individuals and Communities. Eva discusses the powerful effect this humble yet regal flower has had on the human psyche, and how to use the tulip as a tool for deep personal and collective transformation.

Visit the Tulip Love website: www.tuliplove.com

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Getting in Tune – Cymatics and Sound Healing with Jeff Volk (part 1)

Here it is. At last. Episode 1 of Bringing Wisdom to Life.

LISTEN HERE to Episode One – Conversation with Jeff Volk
Part one of a two part conversation with Jeff Volk on cymatics, the study of wave phenomena. In this episode we’ll discuss the relationship between sound and matter, and some innovative applications of sound in the healing arts.

Jeff Volk

Jeff Volk, an authority on Cymatics, produced the award winning video Sound Mind and Body: Music and Vibrational Healing. He is also produced the International Sound Colloquium, which for 7 years served as a forum for Healers, researchers, musicians and others to discuss developments in the use of sound in healing. Jeff most recently is the publisher of the English Translation of the book Water Sound Images: The Creative Music of the Universe by Alexander Lauterwasser (loud water).

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