Recognizing the Goddess with Tim Ward

Episode 10 – Recognizing the Goddess with Tim Ward

author Tim Ward

In this episode of Bringing Wisdom to Life we bring you a conversation with Tim Ward, author of Savage Breast: One Man’s Search for the Goddess. Tim explains the relevance of the Divine Feminine to both men and women and shares how men and women can work together to move beyond patriarchy, to a life of greater love, beauty, and abundance.

“In the world of the Goddess, we are totally her children. The planet is her being. We tread upon her surface. Everything we come in contact with are our Brothers and Sisters. And when we die we don’t go to heaven or hell we merely go back into her body to be returned into new life.”

“This issue of the Goddess and scarcity and abundance, moves right into the things that are the burning issues of the 20th Century as we look at things like global warming, as we look at our attitudes towards war and domination.” Tim Ward

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