Creating a Culture of Peace with Georgia Kelly

Episode 16 – Creating a Culture of Peace with Georgia Kelly

Praxis Peace Founder Georgia Kelly

If you’ve ever asked “What can I do?” in response to the seemingly endless wars and violence in the world, this program may provide more than a few answers. A culture of peace is made possible when each of us takes responsibility for peacemaking both in ourselves as well as in our culture, through constructive dialogue, creative problem solving and informed action. In this interview we talk with Georgia Kelly, musician and global citizen, who for more than a decade has explored the challenge of peacemaking both personally and globally.

Georgia is the founder and director of the Praxis Peace Institute a non-profit, peace-education organization dedicated to deep inquiry, constructive dialogue, creative problem solving, and informed action.

Georgia Kelly is a model of what it means to be a global citizen and through the Praxis Peace Institute has hosted 4 conferences exploring peace making with a 5th one, “The Economics of Peace: Transforming Money, Rebuilding Community, Redefining Wealth”, to be held October 18-23, 2009.

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